Pillow Talk

Your Tactile Personality

Antique linen sheets from Pandora de Balthazar
Trousseau pieces have excellent tactile personality
Trousseau pieces are mainstays in my collection of antique and primitive textiles. What’s your tactile personality? Image by Bruce Barone.

When I begin working with clients who hope to increase the comfort they feel when they go to sleep at night while also giving their bedrooms a lovely new lease on life, there’s one bit of information that has to be gleaned before any purchases are made, and it’s a very important piece of the comfort quotient puzzle. Whether you know it or not, you, like everyone else, have a tactile personality.

Antique shams are collectors items at Pandora de Balthazar
Every person will respond differently to an antique textile like this lovely sham. Image by Bruce Barone.

I call this phenomenon “It’s not what you can know, it’s what you can feel.” This premise underpins an exercise future Pandora de Balthazár clientele who visit our atelier, or who stop by and see us at Round Top or High Point, undergo.

Antique shams for testing tactile personality
Many of our antique shams are excellent pieces for testing tactile personality. Image by Bruce Barone.

Your Tactile Personality

I’ve watched time and again as the surprise dawns on a client’s face when touching a textile that speaks to a deeper place than the rest. How do you discover your tactile personality? It’s actually quite simple: you run your hands along a variety of fabrics in order to discover which ones feel best to your skin. Do you prefer super soft cottons or slightly stiffer linens? Answers to these types of questions will begin to emerge.

Pandora de Balthazar Atelier

In our Pensacola atelier, we have row upon row of textiles that include everything from antique French heirloom linens and primitive Austro-Hungarian Empire textiles to Art Deco and Bohemian specimens— at last count two million one-of-a-kind linens of the finest quality. We begin the process of discovering a tactile personality by having a client run the palms of their hands down the length of a sheet or a sham, pulling the examples they say feels the most satisfying to their touch as we go along.


Textiles for Every Personality

Antique linen sheets from Pandora de Balthazar
When antique sheets or shams are composed of more linen than cotton, the tactile personality will change. Image by Bruce Barone.

It’s a bit of a winnowing process, and once a number of textiles are hanging on the “yes” side, the process continues until the best tactile fit is found. Then we begin to curate from an aesthetic perspective with the goal of creating a dream bedroom at the heart of the exercise. This goes far beyond bedding, as we have decorative pillows, fine laces, museum-quality textiles and vintage textiles of all types, including tablecloths and curtains, to complete the scene in which your luxury dreamscape will come to life. You can’t imagine what a romantic getaway you can create at home with our lovely mix of products.

Embroidered trousseau shams from Pandora de Balthazar
Embroidered trousseau pieces are some of our most exquisite offerings. Image by Bruce Barone.

And perhaps the most excellent news for those who live far away is that once the information has been gleaned, we have a database that holds our client’s preferences so ordering can be accomplished with ease, even if preferences lean toward hand-loomed bespoke bedding, each piece as particular as the person we know will adore it. This doesn’t mean we ever tire of seeing any of our favorite “sleep peeps.” In fact, we insist that you reach out if you find you’re going to be in the same neighborhood as we find ourselves, whether at shows, at a designer’s shop or in our own ateliers—so we can show you how fun it can be to create pure magic with lovely textiles.

Embroidery expresses tactile personality at Pandora de Balthazar
Embroidery of exceptional quality help bring style to our antique and vintage sheeting and shams. Image by Bruce Barone.

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