Would You Belize It?

Pandora de Balthazar takes in the Belize view
Would you Belize it? Pandora's in Paradise
I’ve put my feet up in Paradise for a few days away.

I’m writing to you from Caye Caulker in Belize because I thought you’d enjoy a bit of a travel jaunt as we close in on Memorial Day in the US (and the official start to the summer vacation season). Given my tendency to be focused on your health, I also thought it would be fun to show you I’m not all serious and no play! Though the point of a vacation for John and I is to have a change of scenery from our daily lives, you can bet my antique linens and ergonomic pillows have traveled here with me. I guess that goes under the heading of “Would you Belize it?” My friends won’t be at all surprised so I guess it’s good for my readers to get to know who I really am as well.


Would You Belize It?

Pandora de Balthazar on Caye Caulker
A view of the Caribbean in Belize from our first perch on Caye Caulker.


Barefoot Belize


Another fact from this jaunt that might come under the heading of surprise is the prices we are seeing on rooms here in Central America. Our first stop was Barefoot Belize, a brightly painted atmosphere with each room being nestled into a hut or a suite, each decorated in a different island style—we had Oceana Cottage for five nights. Here’s the kicker: the huts near us cost $45 per night, rooms range from $65 to $85 each night, and suites run from $85 to $99 per night. There’s a conservative approach to water and electricity here, and there is no pool, so this is reflected in the prices.


Would you Belize it: hydration on the beach
It’s all about hydration on the beach!


It’s a very laidback environment that entices a wide variety of singles and couples to the property. Incidentals are extra, except bikes. Water is $5 for refills after your first five gallons are gone, and beach towels are available on a first-come as-available basis. Note to softies: they are line dried so they are not fluffy like most Americans favor. Recycling is evident and most buildings have bars on the windows for safety. It’s clear to me why this is so, as we lost a pair of five-finger sand shoes from beneath the very comfortable porch chairs in which we spent every morning and evening as we enjoyed the beautiful view. The owner is on-premises, and the staff is a delightful group of Belizeans whose smiles and willingness to help was a treat.


Pandora de Balthazar photographs the view
Looking over the rooftops toward the Caribbean in Belize.


Relaxing at the shore was easy if you staked your claim for one of six hammocks and six wooden chaise lounges on the pier or four chaise lounges on the beach early enough—all are shared amongst all the guests, and, sadly, some didn’t embrace the concept of sharing. Our king bed was comfortable but the pillows were lacking—the owner had warned us about this, so not to worry: this Island Slumber girl brought her own! I would say expect conservation island style and plan to be outside most of the time as we did. For scooting around the island, the taxi service was quick and efficient.


Pandora de Balthazar takes in the Belize view
Our Belizean getaway as we sample the graciousness of the region.


Weezie’s Oceanfront Hotel


Weezie’s Oceanfront Hotel has an emphasis on lower guest count with total privacy, comfort, luxe furnishings, and simple additions like thick pads on the wooden chairs with at least one for each and every guest. A clear and accessible beach with a wonderful pool and free paddleboards was quite pleasant, and I enjoyed very much the softest white rugs at our feet. Free coffee, free water, full daily maid service, and air conditioners that aren’t turned off when you are away shopping so that you return to a very hot bedroom made this property feel super luxe.


Ceviche in Belize, Pandora de Balthazar tastes
Fresh ceviche in Belize, Pandora and John taste the flavors of the region.


The atmosphere was quiet and clean, and there is no shortage of every necessity we required. The manager Kiki and her husband Leo were delightful, and they gave us our own island phone to use. Considering there was no phone at the first property, this was amazing. Our rooms were so comfortable that we had the habit of taking our time each morning—reluctant to leave the three air-conditioners. The towels and beach towels were soft to the touch, all given to us in advance without having to ask. For beachside living, this is my idea of heaven!


Thatched Oceanside pavilion Belize
This thatched oceanside pavilion in Belize is typical of the casual architecture.


It probably won’t surprise you that these lodgings are $35 more per night than our first experience, but that’s a small price to pay for comfort—in fact, I’d say it’s worth 50 times that for the privacy, the relaxation and the fact you don’t have to worry that your shoes are going to disappear from the porch. I also didn’t feel like I was in jail with all the bars around me, as was the case at Barefoot Belize, though to be fair to the first property, they cater to a different crowd that tends to be backpackers and divers—the accommodations less important to them than the experience they have when they are exploring the remarkable sporting opportunities.


Pandora de Balthazar in Belize
John and I truly enjoy the fresh seafood of this region.


On the third floor in this last resort, much like home, we were high and dry, and the east winds were cool there most of the time. At our first destination, we ate out morning, noon and night, but once we arrived at Weezie’s, I heard myself say, “I don’t want to go anywhere,” so I thank the sandy ocean gods for the ceviche we had for dinner in the room! I’d say anyone wanting a romantic getaway could find it in Belize as long as you’re laidback enough to forgo the fine china and crystal. The entire place was designed for beauty, enjoyment and safety; my pillows and I were right at home, as was John.


European Sleep System Belizean Style
My European Sleep System, Belizean style!


Cancun Bound


We’re off to Cancun to see what we can find there so my down travel products are at the ready. I’ll be reporting back so if you enjoyed this armchair travel to the Caribbean, check in for more notes from the road. How are you sleeping these days? I may be on vacation but I’m still your sleep advocate extraordinaire!

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