Wellness Benefits the Bottom Line

Toni Antal receives wellness benefits
Toni Antal receives wellness benefits
Our Beata “Toni” Antal nestled into our European Sleep System. Image by Jana Perenchio.

Have you ever bumped into one of those hardcore corporate leaders who give no credence to the fact that wellness benefits the bottom line? My reaction each time I have one of them walk into my stand at Round Top Antiques Fair or my booth at High Point Market? I want to put them into one of my beds and watch the wheels of their minds spin with the realization they’ve been depriving themselves of healing comfort until that very moment!


How Wellness Benefits the Bottom Line


I rarely debate the point with the stubborn ones, as I’m not going to change their minds in an afternoon, but just in case you have found your way to the Pandora de Balthazár Experience today, I’m going to back up my argument with material from one of the smartest money authorities there is—Forbes. The article is titled “Corporate Wellness: How Health Improves the Bottom Line,” and it’s interesting to note that the reporter, Kevin Harrington, wastes no time in asking whether people are becoming skeptical that the idea is merely a marketing ploy. Do I have your attention yet, CEO’s, COO’s and CFO’s?


Toni Antal and Pandora de Balthazar at Round Top
Toni and I have made it our business to help others understand the healing benefits of excellent sleep, here at Round Top. Image by Jana Perenchio.


Here’s the zinger: improving the bottom line with a corporate wellness program begins with a wellness culture that starts at the top—that means you. And it’s not good enough just to preach the lifestyle; you have to live it. Quoting Dr. Roger Sahoury, Harrington notes that workplace wellness programs equate to $250-million in savings from lowered health costs and a 50% reduction in high-blood pressure among employees. These are far from insignificant numbers.


The Benefits of the European Sleep System


I agree with Harrington and his experts that health must be embraced across every aspect of a business, no matter how small or large. I would like to add that the challenges of life outside the office, such as a restful night’s sleep, also make a major impact on the quality of an employee’s contribution. If you’ve found your way here because you are looking to help your company improve, invite me in and I’ll bring the European Sleep System to you and your team so you can see first-hand how sleep deprivation can be conquered. I even have the knowledge to change the lives of women entrepreneurs who are managing the twin burdens of career and new motherhood.


Pandora de Balthazar European Sleep System
Our European Sleep System is so amenable, working from bed becomes ultra-productive.


And if you happen to read this post, Mr. Harrington, it would be fantastic if you could add a great night’s sleep to your exploration of corporate wellness in the future. If you ever find yourself being nestled into my Hungarian goose down pillows, you’ll understand why I’m so sure of my point of view. I truly believe how you end your Forbes article is brilliant, by the way. When you write, “When you are healthy (both mentally and physically) you can certainly weather any storm more easily,” all I have to say is, “Touché!”

I wasn’t kidding when I said I and my team are available to assist corporations in understanding the benefits of the European Sleep System so if you are a business person who believes our training and products could benefit your company, please contact us. We are out to change the world—one excellent night’s sleep at a time.

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