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Toma Clark Haines Our New Brand Ambassador

Toma Clark Haines Brand Ambassador Pandora de Balthazar
Toma Clark Haines Brand Ambassador to Pandora de Balthazar.
Toma Clark Haines Brand Ambassador to Pandora de Balthazar.

On Saturday 10/22 at 10:30 a.m., we will host “Breakfast in Bed with The Diva,” an event to officially announce Toma Clark Haines, The Antiques Diva, as our Brand Ambassador. Champagne and light bites will be served as Toma unveils The Diva Bed, which she will create from our vast store of antique linens. The beautiful textiles she chooses will “dress” our ergonomic European Sleep System on one of the beds in our space in the Salon at The Suites at Market Square (M-8037). Please join us for the fun during the event and any time during High Point Market, as we will be there throughout!


Toma Clark Haines
Brand Ambassador


We will be rolling out other events with Toma throughout the next year so stay tuned for news of this vibrant collaboration. Our aim is to get the word out about the benefits of restorative sleep and the windfalls of investing in fine linens, both of which can serve you well. “We are thrilled to welcome Toma Haines as our Brand Ambassador,” says our company’s leading lady Pandora de Balthazár. “Of all of the design sophisticates we know who are on the go—around the clock, as it turns out—Toma embodies our message of the value of sleep. It not only brings a wealth of energy, it heightens determination, creativity, and personality—all attributes the Diva personifies.”


Toma Clark Haines in Round Top
Toma Clark Haines slips into a Pandora de Balthazar bed at Round Top and Pandora’s dog Lucy decides she wants to be tucked in, too!


Our European Sleep System, our Timeless Bed, and our Fine Linens Collection is designed to nurture one’s inner peace and outer vitality, providing an envious support system that allows a body and mind to perform at their most efficient levels and assists the biological aspects of our beings in growing. “We know the secret to Toma’s sparkling Diva personality, and we are excited to watch as she shares her message with each of you,” Pandora adds. “Diva or not, don’t you deserve your very own secret nurturing formula?”

As a busy entrepreneur jet-setting around the globe, Toma admits her greatest luxury in life—whether she is waking up in Bangkok, at home in Berlin or traveling on business in Boston and beyond—is a good night’s sleep. “Surrounding myself with the right sleep accessories is essential in order to combat jetlag and get my eight hours of ZZZZs!” she adds, giving us a bit of a Diva confession to go along with her secret to pulling off an insane travel schedule. “I’ve been known to bring my own bedding—from Pandora de Balthazár’s European Sleep System—with me on the road.” Now that’s what we call a bright young woman!


A Shared Vision of Quality


Fine Bedding from Pandora de Balthazar


“Being Pandora’s Brand Ambassador is a dream come true, as she has the largest and most respected collection of linens for today’s market, many of which are fine antiques and museum-quality textiles,” she notes. “She also values luxury linens produced today, seeing them as equally important to a sumptuous lifestyle as the beauty born in the past. She intermingles the highest quality antiques, vintage and new linens the same way our AD&CO clients mix pieces from the past with the present in their homes.”

Dipping into her playful side, as those of us who know and love her watch her do, she quips, “I’ll be inviting Mister Sandman under the covers with me, as I believe the key to a healthy, happy and productive life comes down to what happens between the sheets—meaning SLEEP of course!”


Pandora Style monograms add beauty to bedding
Layering beautiful decorative details like our Pandora Style monograms brings a feeling of added luxury to bedding.


Toma notes that our two companies have a shared vision—that of making the highest quality products available to clients. We simply couldn’t agree more. Help us to welcome Toma Clark Haines, Brand Ambassador and connoisseur of fine linens and European Sleep System bedding, and watch her build her very own Diva Bed during High Point Market! We will have our usual exceptional Hungarian down bedding, antique and vintage accoutrements, and spa products for sale in our space throughout Market so stop by and see us. If you aren’t going to make it to market this time, you can see many of our products on our new e-commerce site, Pandora de Balthazár Lifestyle.

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