Timeless Bed

The Timeless Bed is the complete infrastructure that perfects a sleeper’s comfort and nurturing, not simply by its architecture of support, but by its insulation and regulation of temperature that allows a body to “breathe.”


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Our European Sleep System comfort is meant to heal and refresh.

A Light, Soft, Yet Crisp

Sleep Experience

Just imagine you can insulate your body just as if you were sleeping in a sleeping bag or under a fluffy duvet with flannel sheets without becoming overly hot or feeling confined! The infrastructure we build with the Timeless Bed is fluffy and soft but it’s so airy you rarely feel the need to toss the covers away or awaken sweating during the night.

Combined with our light, soft yet crisp sheeting this bedding supports rather than wraps around the body as traditional bedding does, which creates the claustrophobic effect some sleepers feel. Our substructure also insulates the body from the chemicals in most mattresses while also supporting any shaped physique. It also seals out the building heat that takes place during sleep.

This constitutes a real feeling of cooling due to the releasing of air that has become warm—it’s a marvelous floating temperature that remains “just right” with experience and implementation.


Pandora and Toni Beata demonstrate the Timeless Bed at Round Top.
Pandora and Toni Beata demonstrate the Timeless Bed at Round Top. Image by Jana Perenchio.


Pandora de Balthazár’s

Timeless Bed

The Timeless Bed has at its core the European Sleep System, a complete amalgamation of pleasure and sensuality that is also ergonomically designed to extract anxiety, induce relaxation and entice sleepy bedtime. It can make a 20-year-old mattress feel like new.

The infrastructure begins with a natural mattress protector filled with either cotton, wool, down or batten, which we can provide, though we don’t manufacturer them. The protector should fit tightly so that it doesn’t move around, as it is there to protect the sleeper from the chemicals in most mattresses.

The next layer of our Timeless Bed infrastructure is our down mattress pad. This is not a traditional feather bed, but our natural, machine-washable Hungarian down and feather mattress pad in an 80/20 ratio. It isn’t easy to create a breathable corridor of air beneath a body but we are pros at it and this is a critical element in our success!

The down mattress pad is topped with 2 fitted deep-pocket sheets—the bottom one to protect the down mattress pad and keep it clean, and the top one to keep all of the substructure firmly in place. This becomes a semi-permanent part of your mattress, which will air differently than sheets configured the way we are accustomed to making a bed.

Next comes a flat bottom sheet of 600- to 1000-thread-count. These are cool, crisp and substantial. Our antique linens, also cool and crisp but never overly soft, can be substituted for these high denier sheets if the tactile quality and the luxury of these timeless textiles appeal. It’s important to leave the flat bottom sheet floating, un-tucked and laid perpendicular to the headboard.

Pandora discusses the building blocks of the Timeless Bed.
Pandora discusses the building blocks of the Timeless Bed. Image by Jana Perenchio.

Building Blocks of a Great Night’s Sleep

This is the foundation for a body at rest, which should be changed every three days, which is why we advise a minimum of three sheeting changes per week, which amounts to an inventory of six sheets recommended for proper care and cleanliness.

Over the body, a flat top sheet drapes—again, it should be laid without tucking and with enough sheeting for a gracious turn back at the top of the bed. This sheet is topped with the lightest sleeping duvet you can imagine. You know what your heat triggers are so if you sleep hot, a Blankie rather than a thicker, puffier duvet is recommended. Before you decline our summer light duvet on principle alone, though, we highly recommend that you experience it: it is, quite simply, the lightest duvet on the market. Cool, warm, and machine washable—they will last you for decades.

We make four weights of duvets in 5 sizes: if a client craves the look of a puffy duvet covering the bed, we still dress the Timeless Bed our way and then add the decorative top with a Florida, winter-weight duvet, duvet cover and blanket that provides the thicker feel—all to be removed from the bed prior to sleep.

Each Timeless Bed can be adjusted to the sleeper’s needs: if one partner tends to be cold and one runs hot, we can offer two single down duvets of varying weights, connected or disconnected. If there is a seriously hot couple between the sheets—and we believe you know how we mean this!—we often use a queen or twin summer light on the bed instead of a king. Who says you have to have a king on a king? The bed should be dressed for the sleeper, not for the viewer or the photo-op—though our designs have made many a designer and discerning client swoon due to the beauty we achieve. We make it easy for a bedroom’s décor to soar once the bed is dressed for sleep success!

When the top sheet and blanket cover is turned back and fluffed, and the eight-pillow, two-neck-roll European Sleep System is added: voila! You have the perfect top-of-bed solution—the Timeless Bed!

Pandora de Balthazar dresses beds at Round Top
Our bespoke bedding accentuates our European Sleep System and Timeless Bed, all on view at Round Top. Image by Jana Perenchio.

Mattress companies have been seeking the top-of-bed answers we achieve with little success for as long as they have been in existence. We watch proudly as our clients request the entire Timeless Bed once they are educated and ready for the price point. Some begin with the sleep system; others with our antique textiles.

To a great extent the decision is dictated by two things—budgetary parameters and an understanding of the maintenance puzzle, or rather whether the latter is easily embraced or an inconvenience. The cost for the Timeless Bed ranges from $9,500 to $15,000.