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Stacey Bewkes maintains Quintessence blog.

Look Who’s Talking!

On her popular blog, Quintessence, Stacey Bewkes, showered us with these compliments, which are so meaningful to us as a preeminent source for luxury linens: “Pandora’s vast collection has it all. And whatever she doesn’t have, she and her team are willing to scour the marketplace.

“What makes Pandora de Balthazár, the company, unique is their ability to redesign these pieces of history into everyday luxuries for modern living, creating heirloom quality textiles and linens for both serious collectors and those who simply require the best.

“No detail is overlooked. If you can dream it, Pandora’s expert seamstresses can execute it, including beautiful monogramming that can even be duplicated from existing family heirlooms.”

We feel so fortunate to have been featured by influential design writers like Stacey, who is one of the most respected tastemakers and trendsetters in the design stratosphere. Testimonials like hers prove to us at Pandora de Balthazár that we are maintaining the level of quality and service we feel is key to being successful at providing designers and homeowners with some of the world’s finest antique and vintage textiles and luxury bedding.


Styling with Pandora de Balthazár

Magazine stylist Karin Lidbeck Brent testimonials Pandora de Balthazar
Magazine stylist Karin Lidbeck Brent. Image courtesy The Daily Basics.

Karin Lidbeck Grent featured us on the New England Home blog, writing so generously about our luxury bedding that it left us blushing! In the piece, cleverly titled “Notes from the Field: Between the Sheets,” she wrote, “Recently, while styling a photo shoot, I was desperate to find vintage linen bedding in a very specific color palette. I thought it would be impossible to find. I sent out a cry for help on Twitter, and I found far more than I set out for. My search introduced me to the premier supplier of vintage and antique linens and textiles in the United States: Pandora de Balthazár European Luxury Bedding. Pandora came to my aid, sending me boxes of beautiful shams, sheets, duvets and bed skirts to ensure that I would have the right pieces to make beautiful bedding pictures. I was stunned by Pandora’s inventory of items. Two million pieces of one-of-a-kind luxurious linens of the finest quality in an enormous array of styles including old European, Art Deco, Bohemian, modern, primitive, and on and on.

“This past week, at Brimfield Antique Show,” Karin continues in this, one of our favorite testimonials, “I met Pandora and was caught up on her infectious enthusiasm and commitment to her product. She firmly believes the quality of your bedding equals the quality of your sleep. With her linens, she offers the finest Hungarian goose-down products and her patented sleep system. The sleep system is a collection of four specially sized pillows that support and envelop you in a luxurious cloud of the vest best goose down. I think that by using Pandora’s luxury bedding, you will be giving yourself the best gift one can get: the luxury of sleep.”


Singing Pandora de Balthazár’s Praises

Food and lifestyle expert Coryanne Ettiene.
Food and lifestyle expert Coryanne Ettiene.

Coryanne Ettiene, who maintains Kitchen Living with Coryanne and writes for Better Homes and Gardens, couldn’t have thrilled me more with her comment that I have impeccable taste: coming from her it’s quite a compliment! “To be a connoisseur of luxury bed linens you need not look further for instruction than Pandora de Balthazár,” she wrote. “Her impeccable taste coupled with her ingenious sleeping system will have you coming up for excuses to lounge in bed ‘til noon and retire early each night. Her enthusiasm for nothing less than the perfect sleeping experience is contagious.”


Pandora de Balthazár Dream Weaver

The Antique & Design Center of High Point featured us on their blog, their “take” on our passion for what we do spot-on. “Pandora de Balthazar believes the bedroom is the most important room in the home. ‘It’s where life starts and ends; it’s where life is created. It’s why you fell in love,’ she says. Even so, as we all know, when it comes to significant design projects, the client’s bedroom is often last on the list—a lamentable state of affairs to be sure considering we’re learning more and more everyday about how the quality of our sleep has the greatest impact on the quality of our lives.

A bed dressed with luxury linens from Pandora de Balthazar.
A bed dressed with luxury linens from Pandora de Balthazar.

“The best thing a designer can do for her business, and for her clients, is to reward her clients everyday with her work,” says de Balthazár, a woman who has spent the past 16 years of her life redefining the concept of the modern-day bedroom. Along the way she has captured the attention of both interior designers in the know, and a following of avid collectors who covet her swoon-worthy, sleep-inducing, heirloom-quality bedding and exquisite antique textiles.” There’s much more in the article, titled “Dream Weaver” in case you’re inclined to take a look.

We’ve also featured one of our most terrific testimonials from Dr. Steven M. Hamilton on the Pandora de Balthazár Experience blog if you’d like to hear about his “celestial textile garden” in hand-loomed bespoke bedding!


Pure Comfort in Our Testimonials

Susie and Constantino Argeris praise Pandora de Balthazar
Susie and Constantino Argeris.

And Susie Argeris, who is pictured above with her husband Constantino, recently sent us this wonderful note: “Having a bad back for over a decade, comfort is key to a restful night. Pandora, your pillows make that happen for me. I even bought one of your 100% cotton nightgowns to go along.

“Growing up sleeping in a beautiful white French Provincial bedroom set with my grandmother’s and great grandmother’s handmade lace linens and silk spreads, it takes me back to pure comfort. Nothing is more rewarding than getting into a beautiful, comfortable bed knowing I will fall asleep instantly due the items I purchased from your store.”