Reversing Premature Aging

Awaken Blissfully with Pandora de Balthazar
Dr Steven Hamilton and Tom LeCloux
Dr. Steven Hamilton, right, pictured with Tom LeCloux, is a preeminent Houston plastic surgeon. Photo courtesy Michelle Watson of CatchlightGroup.com.

I can’t tell you how many fascinating conversations I have had with Dr. Steven M. Hamilton, a renowned plastic surgeon based in Houston, Texas. Our exchanges encompass how sleep deprivation ages humans prematurely and how reversing premature aging is such intensive work. He’s an expert on this subject, knowledge he has gleaned during the untold hours he has spent repairing the effects of tossing and turning. Given the respect I have for him and his skills as a doctor, I was over the moon when I learned he wanted to recommend my European Sleep System—bedding and pillows filled with Hungarian goose down—to his patients.


Reversing Premature Aging


Our conversations invariably stray toward how getting a good night’s sleep has become a chronic challenge given the pace at which our global economy zips along, the demands of work that continue to evade our evening hours causing stress, and the digital devices that trick our brains into thinking it’s time to awaken when it’s actually time to retire. Have you noticed that the ability to sleep well is becoming more elusive with every passing year?


Pandora de Balthazar surrounded by couture bedding
I’m surrounded here by couture bedding, which has helped me heal so I know firsthand it can help others.


Though Steven once told me I am a challenging person to encapsulate in a meaningful way, he recently reflected back to me a comment that proves he is smarter than he lets on! “Somehow, from the totally unexpected detour to Hungary for a rare neurosurgical procedure following a car accident, Pandora was transformed from a world class financial manager into the wife of a Hungarian count with a lot of time to reconsider her priorities,” he said—a point which is quite true given the long, bed-ridden months of recovery I experienced.

This rehabilitation presented me with a number of key influencers—the room of my confinement, which was set with statuesque 18th-century windows hemmed by billowing folds of botanical lace, and antique bed linens and pillowcases made of crisp, airy, frictionless linen. As I healed, these helpmates slowly eased me toward the path to my future.


Antique textiles sourced by Pandora de Balthazar
An example of the antique textiles I source for the Pandora de Balthazár collections.


The direction I would eventually take grew out of acquisitions of beautiful antique textiles from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which I avidly collected once my body had mended; and the sleep system I experienced during my convalescence, which I have since enhanced.

“Pandora has positioned herself in the world market to be the premier source of the finest antique, and even impossibly rare, textiles,” Steven so kindly says of me. I would add museum-quality heirloom textiles, as well. I source these so that anyone has the chance to recover from life’s accumulated damage in homes filled with luxuriant window treatments, table covers, upholstery and finery for the bedroom, the center of my textile universe at home and at work. Think of it as couture bedding.


The Gift of Nurturing Sleep


It isn’t often that someone of Dr. Hamilton’s stature truly understands that one of my gifts is identifying rare antique materials that I use to create breathtaking and nurturing environments with couture bedding. “I know this firsthand,” he explains, “because I jokingly challenged her to make the bed that one day would be sufficiently ethereal and fabulous enough to be the last thing I gazed upon before my peaceful demise—preferably as a contented old gentleman tilling my country garden!”


Beautiful surroundings can contribute to reversing premature aging
A sitting room filled with antique textiles on par with the linens Dr. Steven Hamilton now treasures.


I turned his off-hand remark into an opportunity by delivering bedding in graduated shades of blue and white to his retirement home in the Texas Hill Country. “This became a portal through which I travel every night,” he says; “a figurative, if not literal, celestial textile garden in hand-loomed bespoke designs bequeathed by the talented and inspired hands of long-dispersed craftsmen whose lives have been reborn and appreciated anew, thanks to Pandora.”

He has hit upon my greatest desire: to share my knowledge of comfort with others by having as many people as possible awaken each morning benefitting from the most transcendental of life’s experiences—high-quality sleep. Given the choice, who wouldn’t prefer to be enveloped in beauty as the moon moves through its journeys, waxing and waning beyond the windowpanes? This is important critical support to allow our organs, bones, tissues and muscles to maintain wellness. I am here to tell you it is one of the keys to reversing premature aging. If you feel you are missing out on the chance to truly rest, you’ve found yourself in the right place to begin to alter this dilemma. Tell me your story.

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