Inspiring Work Spaces

Hypnos on Pandora de Balthazar
Pandora de Balthazar at Round Top, one of her work spaces
Jana Perenchio took this ethereal photo of me at Round Top for a feature in “Where Women Create” magazine.

The subtitle for the beautiful magazine “Where Women Create” is “Inspiring Work Spaces of Extraordinary Women.” Imagine how honored I am to have recently been featured between the covers of the spring 2016 issue! I gleaned the attention of the publication during the Round Top Antiques Fair in Texas when I was putting people between the sheets, an exercise we have perfected over several decades of testing and measuring.

I never tire of telling my story, which they graciously asked me to share with their readers—my philosophy and my inspiration to offer merchandise that enhances the quality of life for those who purchase my products inextricably linked with my own story.


How I Found My Way to Rejuvenation


In my role as a financial planner for 30 years, I avidly embraced international travel, seeing it as no less than a “life gift.” That is until one excursion found me seriously injured from an automobile accident. I had escaped entrepreneurial burnout only to be slammed into critical care, my need to learn about nurturing taking on an urgency I’d never experienced. A trip to Budapest for Hungarian water treatments was a crucial denominator, as it resulted in me owning a European Sleep System created from ergonomic pillows made just for me. In this moment a new career path was born, though it would take me a while to puzzle out all of the details.


Toni Antal European Sleep System
Our Beata “Toni” Antal is at rest, fully supported by our European Sleep System.


Once I did, there was a small hiccup, as the magazine article attests: my mother kept giving away my pillows to those she felt were in need of the nurturing they bring to life! This brought me to the realization that I would have to manufacture replacement pillows, which led me to ask myself why I wouldn’t make enough to share with the world at large.


High Point Market and Round Top


This demand took a serious uptick when I was invited to exhibit at High Point Market, as we presold $52,800 in Hungarian goose down pillows our first time there. We also placed quite a few of our antique textiles into the shopping bags of eager designers. The sales continued to pour in during the next few months, convincing me it was a terrific idea to hit the road to find other venues that would bring us similar results. The following two years were a veritable whirlwind with 364 days of each spent traveling to trunk shows, tradeshows and exhibitions.

We settled on 40 shows around the country annually, one of which was the Round Top Antiques Fair. Our first trek there took place 37 shows ago, and we haven’t missed a spring or fall installment of the noted fair since. You might think it would be easy to get lost amongst the 30,000 vendors spread out within 26 miles of venues, tents and entertainment outposts but we’ve developed a loyal following by having a regular presence there. And each show, we meet new partakers of our unique brand of antique textiles, bed linens, fine laces, decorative pillows, hand-loomed bespoke bedding, and sleep-system magic!


Pandora de Balthazar heirloom shams
No detail is spared when it comes to our Pandora de Balthazár linens. Image by Tara Hartnett.


I’ve even passed my addiction to Austro-Hungarian Empire textiles on to other devotees, such as one client who snapped up some remarkable lacey panels during the last market to cover the windows of a now romantic bedroom, which serves as a beautiful retreat for her and her husband. A conversation with her one afternoon after her boxes had arrived made me realize how remarkable it is to be a catalyst for joy in other peoples’ lives. For that, and for my own health, I’m eternally grateful!

Celebrating Inspiring Work Spaces

You can subscribe to Where Women Create if you would like to read about the inspiring work spaces of other extraordinary women. And I’d like to thank Jana Perenchio of Brown-Eyed Girl Photography for making me and our products on view at Round Top look so divine! If you visit either High Point or Round Top, stop by and see us. We also take our lavender spa line with us, as well as Italian sheeting and shams, heirloom linens, museum-quality textiles and a plethora of one-of-a-kind and limited edition objects to both shows. All I can say is I truly hope to see you there—we thrive on changing lives!

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