European Sleep System

Toni Antal European Sleep System
Our Toni Antal is at rest, fully supported by our European Sleep System.

Pandora de Balthazár’s European Sleep System forms a support structure for relaxing in bed and for achieving optimal sleep—a light and soft, yet crisp experience throughout the night. The system consists of four distinctly sized pillows and a neck roll, each designed to cradle your body supportively and to promote ergonomically correct, healthy bed rest. The sleep tool, as we call it, addresses both the mind and the body through five essential helpmates that shape how a person prepares for sleep, the rest achieve, and the quality of awakening.


Our European Sleep System

The graduated sizes of the pillows that make up the architecture of the system are the key to the ergonomic support we achieve. The building blocks in each set, from back to front, are: a European King, which rests on the headboard; a European Queen, which sits in front of this pillow; a European Standard, which is placed in front of the queen; the lap pillow, which is a European King in size; and the neck roll.


Tools for a Great Night’s Sleep

The back and front European King pillows are used to support the body while reading, writing or undertaking other activities that require a seated position in bed. The pillow closest to the headboard stands tall for support, which prevents the slouching that our couch-potato culture fosters. The Queen and Standard pillows are for sleeping—the Queen, resting on the mattress, is pulled down to tuck under the lower back at the waistline—the effect achieved as a body snuggles into it feels as if it is embracing the curves of the body. The Standard stacks on top of the Queen to serve as the sleeping pillow. It is the structure created by these building blocks that makes our Sleep System so profoundly rejuvenating.

Why Hungarian Goose Down?

Each of the pillows included in this set is filled with Hungarian goose down, the best in the world, in varying degrees of firmness. It is the large cluster feathers of the Hungarian goose that makes a better feather pillow than the mix of 85/15 or 70/30 that most companies use, providing our products with better performance. We encase the feathers in a down-proof ticking that is machine-washable for ease of maintaining the pillows and duvets. The goose down we use is meant to offer the paradoxical benefits of support, softness, lightness and coolness.


Pandora de Balthazar European Sleep System
Our European Sleep System lets you take spa-time home with you.

Options in Firmness

Our varied options in firmness include:

A Heavy Lush Euro Standard (Heavy Sandwich Sleeper) for the most firm and solid support while remaining quite soft to the touch.

A Lush Firm Euro Standard (Sandwich Sleeper) for only slightly less firm support while remaining soft to the touch.

A Firm Euro Standard (Firm Sleeper), which provides firm support, though not as firm as the two sets above.

A Medium Euro Standard (Gentlemen’s Sleeper), which provides medium support for sleepers desiring a softer feel.

Our Softest Euro Standard (Ladies’ Sleeper), which provides minimal support and offers the softest sleeping experience.


Our European Sleep System in Charlotte Comer's guest bedroom
Dallas-based designer Charlotte Comer, ASID, included our European Sleep System and luxury linens in her sumptuous guest bedroom.


The Decorative Touch

Because the pillows making up our Sleep System are a unique size, we offer all the accouterments for a luxuriously dressed bed. Our ensembles are wide-ranging—from bespoke antique linens, which we source from around the world, to high-tread-count Italian sheeting and shams. Our embroidery services will put the finishing touches on the most sumptuously outfitted haven, but it’s imperative to remember that the heart of the system itself goes far beyond just another pretty face, as the structure is composed to promote restorative sleep.


Awaken Blissfully with Pandora de Balthazar
Awaken blissfully with our European Sleep System.


Awake Feeling Refreshed and Renewed

If your sleep is challenged from snoring or you suffer from sleep apnea, we have watched many lives be improved when our sleep systems are put into place due to the position of the body and the embracing support it receives. We are not saying the Sleep System will completely erase these challenges but we know it will most often lessen the severity of them. If you can’t remember the last time you awoke feeling truly refreshed and renewed or felt vibrantly alert all day, let us compose a life-changing experience for you.

The average cost for the European Sleep System bed ranges from $2,500 to $5,000. You can also visit our Timeless Bed page see how the European Sleep System fits into a structure that forms a beneficial sleep experience.

Our Beata Toni Antal demonstrates the system in this video: