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Connoisseurs of Antiques: the Swedish Touch

Swedish style settee
Regal Birds Pandora de Balthazar
Regal birds are stitched onto this antique textile in our sizable collection.

The interior design industry as a multi-faceted behemoth, the number of experts it takes to provide a seriously knowledgeable take on any given period, style or product-type considerable! We can say with great confidence and pride that our knowledge of our antique textiles and the wellness benefits of our European Sleep System are unparalleled but when it comes time to reach outside our comfort zone, we have been savvy at surrounding ourselves with connoisseurs in other fields, such as historical Swedish styles.


Swedish and Gustavian Antiques

Daniel and Cristina Larsson, Antiques Diva Guides in Sweden
Daniel and Cristina Larsson, Antiques Diva Guides in Sweden.


Our brand ambassador, Toma Clark Haines, CEO of The Antiques Diva & Co, is one of these, her network of talent opening other worlds to us during events and trips to Europe to experience her highly personalized tours. We’ve just returned from a wonderful trip to Italy that we will be writing about on Our Diary so stay tuned for all the fun details.


Gustavian Style inspired by Swedish history.
Gustavian Style inspired by Swedish history.


You may have noticed that our color preferences here at Pandora de Balthazár lean toward the pale and ethereal. One look at this Pinterest board created by Toma and her head Diva (or rather make that Divo Guide in Sweden) Daniel Larsson, and you’ll know one of the reasons we took an immediate shine to the aesthetics of Swedish Antiques! In addition to taking Antiques Diva clients on one on one customized antique buying tours in Sweden Daniel Larsson is owner/founder of the eponymously named D.Larsson Interiör & Antikhandel. He is one of Sweden’s top sources for authentic antique furniture and décor.


Swedish style settee
A beautiful settee in the Swedish style.


The breadth and depth of knowledge of Swedish antiques Daniel is known for was born of his having grown up in the country, but his is a worldly view, as he has traveled extensively and has lived in countries as diverse as the USA, England, India, Norway, Spain and Holland. Fortunately for lovers of Swedish antiques, he has returned to his roots in Helsingborg, Sweden, where his main antique store is located, running the shop with his wife Cristina.


Scandinavian Style


Swedish antique bench
This Swedish-style bench is a beautiful example of the country’s ethereal aesthetic.


The pair offers Swedish furniture from the 18th to late-19th centuries, specializing in Gustavian painted furniture and Swedish country pieces. The showroom is located in an historic mid-19th century building in the oldest neighborhood of Helsingborg. There is a wonderful Q&A on The Antiques Diva & Co site that provides tremendous insight into how Daniel became such a fantastic resource for Swedish Antiques. Toma’s opening salvo during the interview was, “What had you interested in antiques? Where did that passion come from?”


Gustavian style from Sweden
The calm beauty of the Swedish historical styles bring serenity to a home.


Daniel’s answer proves why he has become Toma’s trusted antiques buying tour guide guide in Sweden: “I have always been interested in interior design and it came rather naturally to me. In my early 20s, I got hooked on the modern retro Scandinavian style when I decorated my first apartment. After taking several years to tour the world I settled down with my wife in Helsingborg, Sweden, and together we began to make my house a home.  A friend recognizing my talent in design approached me and asked if I wanted to start a business selling antiques together. After a couple of years together we eventually decided to each go our own way, but I was hooked! I had been bitten by the antiques bug and I was committed to staying in the trade. I began to concentrate on higher quality Swedish pieces and expand my repertoire into Baroque, Empire, Rococo and Gustavian pieces.”

If you are simply drooling over the images of their offerings that we have used to illustrate this post, you’ll want to book one of The Antiques Diva & Co’s Swedish tours with Daniel at the helm: you’ll get that extra special treatment that only Toma’s company can bring. Perhaps the most unique advantage you have in taking an Antiques Diva Sweden tour is the opportunity to shop with this leading antiques dealer at the very sources where he stocks his own store.


Austro-Hungarian Empire Textiles


Pandora de Balthazar sampler detail
A close-up of one of our remarkable samplers.


Travel a few hours south by plane from where Daniel and Cristina have set up shop and you will arrive in the region the lion’s share of our valuable antiques hail from, the Austro-Hungarian region. We have a remarkable collection of Austro-Hungarian Empire textiles from this area that we are currently adding to our e-commerce site so check our Antique Linens Collection often to be sure you don’t miss any of our new releases. We will be adding our substantial collection of samplers to the site soon; they are the epitome of domestic storytelling in artistry and we have hundreds of gorgeous examples. We’ll be presenting other connoisseurs of antiques in the future so let us know if you have someone you’d want to feature and we’ll add them to the list.

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