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Celebrating Top-Tier Talent

Ogden’s Christmas Village, a beneficiary of Jo Packham's talent.
Jo Packham, top-tier talent in a Pandora de Balthazar bed
Jo Packham nestled into our couture bedding and our European Sleep System.

It’s not the normal businessperson who will (or perhaps can) admit that he or she simply cannot wait to get people into bed! I suppose I’m unique in that it’s entirely appropriate for me to make this statement because the minute I put anyone into a Pandora de Balthazár bed outfitted with our European Sleep Systems and our Italian sheeting is the second the eye-opening experiences begin. This goes for even top-tier talent in the business arena, a respect that always thrills me to the core.



Admiring Top-Tier Talent

What happens is palpable: people simply understand on a cellular level how they’ve been missing out on life-changing comfort. At Round Top Antiques Fair this past spring, I had the distinct pleasure of putting Jo Packham, the founder and editor-in-chief of Where Women Create, Where Women Cook, and Where Women Create Business, between the sheets, and you can see from the images and the video that we had some fun with her. I admire women like Jo, a leading innovator in the handmade publishing market for more than 30 years, for their determination and success so it’s a supreme compliment when our products gain their attention.


Luxury linens by Pandora de Balthazar
Our luxury linens displayed in the master bedroom of Charlotte Comer, ASID. Our love of the handmade a nod to Jo Packham’s remarkable career promoting such products and a nod to beauty through the celebration of Charlotte’s unerring eye. Photograph by Bill Bolin.


My desire to tell you a bit more about Ms. Packham inspired an idea: I’m making this the first in an ongoing series of profiles of successful women and men here on the Pandora de Balthazár Experience. Don’t you think it’s a terrific way to celebrate talent?


Jo Packham’s Passion for Success


A successful entrepreneur with her own publishing company, WWC Press, Jo is currently also with Quarry Books. She partners with Stampington & Company to produce a lengthy list of magazines, as well. These include Where Women Create, Inspiring Work Spaces of Extraordinary Women; Where Women Cook, The Heart & Soul of Cooking; and Where Women Create Business, A Passion for Success. Jo has personally authored more than 40 titles and her company, Chapelle Ltd., has packaged more than 1,000 publications for many major publishers in the industry, including Time Warner, Oxmoor House, Meredith Corp. (Better Homes & Gardens), Rodale Press, Random House and Chronicle—to name but a few. You can order an issue of Where Women Create in which she featured me: it was one of the best articles written about us to date!


Jo Packham in a Pandora de Balthazar European Sleep System
Jo Packham enjoying our ergonomic pillows in out European Sleep System.


Charting her path to triumph, we must look back to a five-year period between 2000 and 2005 when Jo and her daughter Sara embarked on a venture that helped spark the revitalization and renaissance of Historic 25th Street in her hometown of Ogden, Utah. They opened and co-owned three upscale boutiques—Ruby & Begonia, The White Fig, and Olive & Dahlia, each of these in the heart of the old commercial district. Their vision and creative entrepreneurship was rewarded with two Gifts & Decorative Accessories Retailer awards, one for visual marketing in 2002 and another for community service in 2003. Jo also chaired and supervised the growth of Ogden’s Christmas Village for eleven years, which would become the largest holiday celebration in the state of Utah.


Ogden’s Christmas Village, a beneficiary of Jo Packham's talent.
Ogden’s Christmas Village, a beneficiary of Jo Packham’s talent.


You may need a nap in the midst of this unfolding story so feel free—I, of all people, would certainly not judge; in fact, I’ll only ask how can I assist with that! But enough about me: let’s get back to Jo’s narrative. Collaborating with Nancy Soriano, the editor-in-Chief of Country Living for ten years, Jo co-founded The Creative Connection—Women, Passion, Business in 2010. TCC was a national conference and market celebrating creative women and entrepreneurs that paired the creative process used to make handmade goods and food with the marketing savvy of business and social media. TCC drew on the rich experience of industry experts, attendees, and best-selling authors. Hands-on workshops were interspersed with social networking and business panels that focused on the practical details of setting up, running, and marketing a business—all leveraged through blogging and other social media.


Antique and vintage textiles by Pandora de Balthazar
We’re continually sourcing antique and vintage textiles, and hand-loomed bespoke bedding. This shot by Bruce Barone during Brimfield Antique Show.


In its second year, TCC joined forces with BlogHer as its official media partner, a platform at the time that was the largest women’s social media network, receiving over 25 million unique views per month. “BlogHer recognized the handmade community that The Creative Connection brought together,” Jo noted. “We were honored to have the largest women’s social media community as our media partner.” Other partners included Sterling Publishing, whose Barnes & Noble imprint is the number one how-to publisher in the world; Vogue Knitting; MaryJanesFarm; McDonald’s; and Starbucks. These are leading names in a wide array of industries, proving the power that businesswomen like Jo have to harness power for the betterment of us all. As if this list of accomplishments isn’t enough, Jo became a licensed designer for Sizzix in 2013.


Jo Packham of TCC and Where Women Create
Jo Packham has success drilled into her DNA: what a talent!


Don’t you think her life has been a journey that seems as if it were taken straight from the pages of a storybook? She says she looks forward to the promises of tomorrow and is proud to say that every single day she is blessed to be able to do what she loves. She also feels fortunate that she is surrounded by family and friends whom she adores and respects, and that she is trusted enough to represent those whose passion is to create with their hands, whether the outcome is food, art, or business success.

We at Pandora de Balthazár are jazzed to count this Ogden, Utah-based dynamo amongst our circle of friends, and we will certainly be watching as her star continues to rise!

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