Pillow Talk

A Case for Couture Bedding

Pandora de Balthazar linen headboards
Pandora de Balthazár enjoys couture bedding
Pandora de Balthazár enjoys being surrounded by her couture bedding.

After surrounding myself with sumptuous couture bedding for quite a while now, I’ve realized something that I think might resonate with quite a few of you. When I began concentrating on creating gracious surroundings for my dreamtime, I felt less of a need to spend as much on dressing my body and delighted in spending more on dressing my bed. Now, I wonder what took me so long to figure this out!


Decorating with Couture Bedding

How did I come to identify such a lovely bedtime experience? you might ask. Well, I’m very happy you did because I can’t wait to share my secrets to decorating the heart of my boudoir. I call it the cocoon for my sleeping body, and I always know when it’s time to make a decorative change. This could be a seasonal shift, a personal change of mood or simply a girl’s prerogative, and the first steps are simple: I sit in my bed, close my eyes and concentrate on breathing. The calming effects of taking air into my lungs and slowly exhaling are important early pieces because when I open my eyes, the serenity makes me feel as if I’m just awakening.


Pandora de Balthazar lace for couture bedding
Layering is a key to creating a sumptuous bedroom.


Afterwards, I make sure I open my senses fully, paying close attention to what I call my “suite spots.” These include the way the light plays into my room or the sounds drifting in from nature. I imagine how I feel in my happiest moments, and then I dream about how that could manifest itself sensually. I allow myself to imagine colors and textures; shimmer and shadow. Do I prefer soft filtered light or bold statements? I ask myself, knowing the very thing that makes me content as I awaken is to sit softly in my pillows and smile on the inside.

Once I have my immediate surroundings, meaning my bed and its accouterments, set, I open my mental closet of beautiful things and choose what I believe will enhance my mood further afield. I decide whether I want a lovely, soft romantic look, or a spa-inspired bedroom.


Pandora de Balthazar decorative pillows for couture bedding
Decorative pillows are snappy accouterments, soulful when they are antiques or made of antique textiles.


Do I want to see the portrait of my Mother upon waking, for example; to have her smiling down upon me to nurture my inner heart? She’s swathed in a very soft blue gown…an instant reflector element that could serve me well as I drift off to sleep. The time of year matters as well—in late June, for instance, I may choose an antique white linen blanket cover, embroidered in the softest of trousseau blue that dances gently around the edges of my bed. Adding antique white linen pillow shams, some with a similar touch of the soft blue embroidery, perhaps with a monogram or a signature, and my bed is almost complete. Next, I comb my accessories closet and find a tiny boudoir pillow, hand-embroidered with tiny sati-stitch flowers in a soft blue, pale pink, and a touch of lavender—a bouquet of summer blossoms dear to my heart!

In the fall, I may change the art to a large crewel landscape and bring a French chest made of burled walnut and ormolu into the room for a change of season. Its textures and colors are quietly rampant so I select an antique ivory blanket-cover edged in an elegant lace, floating it over my softest billowing Hungarian goose down duvet for the delicious nurturing they bring.


Pandora de Balthazar couture bedding
Looping ribbons through pillow shams and blanket covers is a beautiful way to add depth to your bed.


For a touch of elegance, I add a white linen sheet layover with ribbon holes, through which I thread my favorite fall ribbon, something I can change to persimmon for a punch of colorful fun, or to a soft elegant ivory that is a tonal echo of the hue of my blanket cover for a subtle yet layered approach to a beautiful bed! How fortunate am I that I get to do this for myself, as well as for others? I’m always curious to know how we can make our clients’ days gleam in the sunlight by actualizing their ideas of celebrating themselves and given them seriously restful nights.

We can dress a bed any way that suits anyone’s mood—we can even provide the plush linen headboard and monogram it. If you think of our products as too feminine, it’s really not so: we’ve dressed beds in homes with a craftsman or mission style, as well as homes that have a contemporary or minimalist feel to them. Some of our most loyal customers are men. Do you have country chic? No problem. Shabby chic or Asian chic? Not to worry: we can peek into our inventory and find something for everyone.


Pandora de Balthazar linen headboards
Our linen headboards provide personalized decorative details when monogrammed.


I leave you today with this thought by author Robin Lennon, who wrote in her book Home Design from the Inside Out that interior design can be an extension of metaphysics, of spiritual awareness, and the search for a more alive, humanistic consciousness; adding, “It could be another way to acknowledge and manifest the deep longing that we all have to express the self.” I couldn’t agree more!

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